The Best God-Damned Group on Campus

SOMA is the only student group at the University of Kansas (KU) devoted to providing community, education, entertainment and opportunity for nontheists.We put on socials, sponsor events to inform the public about secular issues, and hold regular meetings for discussion, learning, and fun. Anybody with an open mind is welcome!

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Come See Us On Facebook

The SOMA Facebook group is a great place to talk with other current and former SOMA members. Come visit us at


Secular Student Alliance

SOMA is the SSA affiliate for the KU campus. Members are encouraged (but not required!) to get a free student membership at


A Friendly Community

We're open-minded and open-hearted. SOMA has a history of charitable giving and community service.


JT With A Snake

I didn't have a fourth thing to put here, so this is a tiny thumbnail of JT Eberhard holding a snake. I don't know why we have that picture. It's ok, nobody reads this far down the page anyway.

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