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  1. Doug says:

    Didn’t SOMA record ReasonFest 2012? If so, are you going to post the videos on Youtube?

    BTW: I suspect that both Skepticon and Reasonfest could sell DVDs of the conferences, even in addition to posting all the videos on Youtube. You could advertise the DVD at the end of each video posted to Youtube. Also, you could post 5 minute clips of the best of parts of each speech…

    • Amanda says:


      We would love to post the videos but the person who recorded didn’t edit them together for us they just gave us raw files. If you know of a video editor that can edit them for us and put them up online very quickly we would love that. But for now we just don’t have the resources available to get them edited and online. Everyone we have contacted to do it seems to never follow through. So sorry everyone we are making sure this year to get a person that will do the entire process.

  2. [...] of Skepticon from his business because he is a Christian.I met Emily in person at last year’s Reasonfest and was very impressed with her. She is extremely intelligent, thoughtful and adept at the use of [...]

  3. Amanda says:

    Well 2013 is going to be different. We have a great conference planned. Everyone will want to attend this year! Its going to be epic

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