Do you notice that your air conditioning becomes blissful during the hot summer months? In fact, using it non-stop will increase your utility bill. Luckily, clever use of curtains, blinds, shades as well as other types of window treatments can be able to help your home cool as well as your energy bills in check. As a matter of fact, it has been reported by the experts that using window treatment and coverings can be able to reduce heat by up to seventy percent.  

In addition to that, as a bonus, these smart practices can also reduce heat loss during the winter. In this article, you will be able to learn some helpful energy saving suggestions that will certainly pay off immediately. According to experts, an awning window treatment can help reduce solar heat gain up to seventy percent on west facing windows as well as sixty percent on south facing windows. For best results, consider choosing window awnings with light colors and reflect more sunlight.  

During the winter, you can simply roll up retractable awnings in order to let the direct sunlight warm up your entire home. On hot summer days, you can keep your curtains closed, most especially on windows that get sunlight directly. The ability of drapes and curtains to reduce heat gain often depends on the type of fabric (open weave or closed) as well as the color. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that draperies with medium colors as well as white plastic backings can help in reducing heat gain by thirty percent. You can hang your curtains as close to your windows as possible.  

For best effect, consider installing a cornice at the top area of your draperies, and then seal them at the sides as well as overlap them in the middle area with the use of a tape or Velcro. When installed properly, window shades are considered as one of the most effective and simplest ways in order to save energy but they also have to be drawn all day in order to work. You can simply mount them closer to your window if possible, within the frame of your windows, creating a sealed space.  

Furthermore, reversible shades that are dark on one side and then white on the other can be easily switched with the seasons using the white side in the summer in order to reflect the sun, and the dark side in the winter in order to absorb heat. When highly reflective blinds are closed completely, they can be able to reduce heat gain by fifty percent. Blinds can also be adjusted in order to block as well as reflect sunlight onto a ceiling with light color in order to diffuse the light without creating too much glare or heat.  

There’s so much things you can do to have energy efficient windows and that begins with making sure that your window is properly sealed. In order to ensure that your window is working properly, it’s best to consult from a reliable window installation and repair service provider.