Interview question: Why Should We Hire You?

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It doesn’t matter know perfect you know you are for the job, you could be the most suitable person to exist, ever! But, when that question comes, the dreaded question of “Why should we hire you?, suddenly you forget why you even applied for the job in the first place. “Why should we hire you” is one of the hardest questions to answer in a job interview, purely because its hard finding the right balance of showing the interviewer that you are right for the job without sounding cocky and self-obsessed. Most people find it hard to express what their good points are. The truth is that we tend to be too hard on ourselves, and when this is the case, its hard to convince yourself of the positives you possess, let alone someone else.

So, if you are unprepared for this question, it can leave you unsure of how to proceed. Add to this the nerves of being in a job interview and you are likely to go into freeze mode. This is exactly what you don’t want, you need to be prepared for this question and have some idea of how to go ahead and answer it. So, what can we do to help you? Well, we can prepare you for exactly this question!
The first thing to address is, why are interviewers asking this question? What are they looking for? As hard as it can be believe, they are just trying to throw you off for fun. Really, what they want to see if you truly understand what the role includes and that you do in fact fit into what they are looking for. This is the best chance to really sell yourself to the company and show them how you are the best candidate for the position and they should hire you immediately!
Now, the ideal answer would include the qualities that the company requires for the role. These are the qualities the interviewer is looking for and would make the ideal candidate, so you want to demonstrate that you posses these qualities. For example, the company might require management experience or someone who has experience working with accounts. The key is to adapt the answer to ensure you include the specific qualities that company is looking for. You can find out what qualities the company is looking for by looking over the job description to see if they include any specific requirements. Alternatively, you can research the company you are interviewing with and see if they have any particular qualities they look for in their staff or an ethos that includes qualities they promote, for example they may be really focused on creating strong, lasting relationships with customers. You could also research the companies social media, where this be their Facebook page, Twitter or Linked In profile, to see if you can find out what kind of people they tend to employ and this can give you an idea of the companies culture. Everyone is aware that some work places can have some tension so its becoming increasingly important to employers that the people they hire will fit in with existing staff and the general work environment so there is a positive environment for both the staff and the clients. If you can see what types of people the company is likely to hire and you can relate to them, and if you can then relay this in the interview, this could promote your chances of getting considered for the position further or even hired. The above is all well and good, showing that you have the desirable qualities, however, what if other people do too? How do you show to the interviewer that you should be hired above them? What you need to do is portray to the interviewer what makes you different to other people, what puts you above the rest. You can do this by focusing on a unique trait or skill that you have and demonstrating that this makes you the most suitable applicant. On top of this, you could mention how you could make the company better and how they could benefit from you – in terms of problem solving. The company may belong in an industry that is known for a particular problem, for example call centres are renowned for a high turn over of staff and if you were applying for a managerial position, you could explain how you are a strong motivator of your staff and that in turn leads to job satisfaction and longevity.
Once you have all the above factors included in your answer, there is only one more thing you need to in order for your answer to be perfect. That is, to deliver your answer in a confident manner. You don’t want to stutter or look like you have been caught in the headlights, however at the same time, you don’t want to sound over-rehearsed and false. Over-rehearsing an answer can be a big issue. Understandably if you get nervous, particularly answering this style of question, you may be tempted to learn an answer off by heart, however this is not a good idea. You cannot guarantee that the question will be worded in the exact same way each time, and if its not, your rehearsed answer may not make complete sense. Furthermore, you want to tailor your answer to the specific company and their exact job requirements. So the best thing to do is make sure you have taken into account the points listed above then your answer should impress the interviewers!
So remember, what you want to avoid when answering this question:• Sounding overly cocky and self-obsessed• Coming across whiny and feeling sorry for yourself

And what you want to include to ensure a good answer:• Specific qualities that the company finds desirable
• A unique trait that puts you above other applicants
• How you could help solve a problem the company may be facing

With all these factors, you are ready to prepare and deliver a great answer to this question and truly demonstrate to the interviewer that you are the ideal candidate for the job.