A fence is a vital component of your property. It’s what keeps you and your family protected. But, it is also vital to take care of it if you’ve got a wood fence. Wood fencing is durable. However, it also needs some maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape.

If you have spent a lot of money for a wood fence installation Kenosha WI, it’s normal for you to maintain it to protect your investment. Today, we’re going to help. Here are a couple of tips on maintaining the wooden fence of your property:

Cleaning the Fence

If you keep your fence clean, it will certainly last longer. A mere pressure washing with a gentle soap will enhance its appearance as well as its lifespan. If you power wash, you are getting rid of all the grime and dirt as well as any mold or mildew that might be growing.

Fix the Damage Before It Becomes Worse

When you have a wood fence, you’ve got to keep in mind one thing. Once the wood begins to go bad, it quickly spreads. Thus, it’s vital to get it fixed as soon as you notice the problem. Water damage or rotting wood can spread to the boards that surround it. This weakens the fence. Cracked or split fencing makes your home less secure. It enables your pet or family to escape and allows unwanted pests inside. It’s vital to replace all damaged boards.

Sealing and Painting

Staining or painting your wood fence is one of the greatest ways to prevent it from rotting. Staining offers your fence the color of the wood. However, it seals the wood so that moisture does not reach the wood. This will help prevent rot. On the other hand, a lot of individuals choose to paint the fence. Painting still prevents some moisture. However, it does not protect the wood from moisture as much as sealing. Although, painting enables you to personalize your fence to match your property better.

What Should You do with Fence Woods that Are Water Damaged or Rotten?

Water damaged or rotten wood can spread to boards that surround it. This will weaken the overall fence if you ignore it. That’s why it is vital to replace the damaged boards. If you don’t know how to get rid of the damaged board, do not hesitate to call a professional fence repair company.

How Should You Protect Your Wooden Fence?

As we’ve mentioned, there are two ways to prevent your fence from rotting. This includes staining and painting the fence. The option you’re going to choose will greatly differ on your preference. For those who don’t know, painting your fence offers you the ability to personalize it. This means that you can make the fence match the overall aesthetics of your property. However, painting does not completely protect the wood. On the other hand, sealing is one of the best ways to protect your wood fence. Unfortunately, it only offers your fence the color of the wood. Thus, this might not be ideal if you want to change your fence’s color.