The Battle Of The Skills

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When it comes to job interviews, you will really need to give in your very best. Until and unless, you are willing to showcase your finest skills, do you really think your hiring manager will choose your profile over others? The answer is a clear no! You can’t just go up to them and say help me find a job. They are the people to give you the jobs.
The interviews are mainly a test of your soft and hard skills. Regardless of the kind of work profile you are opting for, it is important to have a blend of both this skill. Soft skills come in handy when you are interacting with the clients and even cajoling your colleagues to put your best performance. Hard skills are needed to actually get the tasks done and understand how to execute the different problems which have been assigned to you.
An absence of any of the skill might make you unfit for the job. This is why when you are headed for a job interview, your interviewer is most likely to test both your skills because they want to see how adept you really are for the work you will be assigned.
Can they be attained and/or improved?
Of course, practice makes a man perfect. If you are not very proficient in your people skills, you do not need to give up your hope of getting the job. This is a constant improvement process. Devote an hour or two daily to the improvement of your soft skills. You can take up online courses, read books or even enroll yourself for some program. What you have to understand is that in order to clear an interview, you need to make yourself qualified enough for that.
Similarly, when it comes to hard skills, you should be willing to put in an adequate amount of hard effort. Until and unless you are ready for that kind of commitment, it may be really hard for you to get the job you had always wanted.
Your résumé
Ideally, you will have to list the skills in your resume. Once again, most applicants have the dilemma of which skills to list and the order in which they do so. There is a very simple solution for this which should solve this problem once and for all.
Like we have mentioned, regardless of the job profile you are applying to, you will need both the skills. So, under no circumstance can you afford to completely omit one of the categories. All that you have to worry about has to be the order in which the skills are listed. This is something that you can also learn from Deniz Sasal LIG program.
So, you should make it a point to study your job profile in detail. See, the skills which the interviewer will be looking for with the highest priority. If you are applying for the post of a computer programmer, your proficiency in the programming language, your skills in design and logic are crucial. Of course, when you deal with the clients in order to understand their requirements, soft skills will come into the picture.
So, your résumé needs to have the technical skills listed at the top followed by the soft skills. The priority order needs to be arranged based on the job profile. This is enough to impress your interviewer as far as the skill set is concerned.
Also, when listing the skills, try and be as specific as you possibly can. Having generalized skills can look ambiguous and it ends up creating a wrong impression. So, it is your responsibility to put in the right kind of effort and work things out.
With these tips, you should definitely get the right head start when it comes to job interviews. Of course, there are a lot of other points that need to be addressed too, but at least we made a start, isn’t it?