Living and designing your own ship container house has become an emerging trend nowadays. And since it also gives lots of benefits for homeowners, this trend is still prevalent. However, constructing a ship container house takes more work compared to purchasing some containers and simply stack them next to one another. Because of this, we have decided to list a brief yet comprehensive guide that will help you know what you have to know before you begin to build your shipping container home. But, remember that you can always ask help from expert design builder shipping container homes. 

Consider about any potential chemicals 

Take note that ship container had endured their lifetime carrying different things at sea. Due to this, a lot of shipping containers are actually packed with chemicals, which can be hazardous to live with. If you purchase a contaminated ship container, you can always have it cleaned by cleaning experts. However, you can always invest in a brand new shipping container you can use for your project.  

Never forget to insulate 

Keep in mind that a shipping container’s walls aren’t similar to a traditional house’s wall. If you don’t insulate, your shipping container’s insides will be smoldering all throughout the summertime and freezing cold in winter seasons. Hence, ensure that you’ve got plans for insulation before you begin constructing your own container home, 

Hire a contractor that’s a jack of all trades 

If you are prepared to begin constructing your shipping container house, guarantee to search for a contractor that can help you in everything that you want to complete your home. Otherwise, you will need to look for one contractor to complete the interior work, another contractor that can change your containers, and more contractors to transport and place your containers in your area. For this, it would be best to hire one contractor that is skilled and experienced when it comes to constructing shipping container houses. If you do this, you can surely save both money and time.  

Know your restrictions based on your local building code 

All states and areas have distinct building restrictions in terms of shipping container homes. So, see to it that you’ve studied and learned all your local area’s building codes before investing a big amount of money into your home design. Or else, you might be required to change your design. If this is the case, you’ll need to lose some of the money you’ve spent already and still spend more money.  

Personally see the container before purchasing one 

Ship containers have gone through wear and tear yet still endured a lifetime of being transported to and fro across the open ocean. Due to this, the ship containers that are offered to you might have a lot of rust, structural issues, or dents.  

Because of this, it’s only reasonable to make sure that you always check the container personal and up-close before you decide to purchase them. If you are buying them from overseas, try to request the seller to take some pictures of both outside and inside the container.